Monday, October 21, 2013

Meet Go Norfolk Island Weddings

Go Norfolk Island launched this week with a range of personal and pre configured packages aimed specifically at the Pacific Island Weddings market. Norfolk Island has for many years provided the majestic backdrop to countless weddings and r...eceptions and it is our pleasure to promote the beauty and capacity of the island through a range of personally tailored and preconfigured packages utilizing local expertise and talent to create a memorable and beautiful occasion.

Andre and Louise have already emailed and contacted a number of service providers on the island and encouraged feedback on product and skills available as well as pricing. This will enable Go Norfolk Island to promote each of these specialist areas as part of a range of wedding, corporate and party, event packages and support.

This is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the beautiful spirit of Norfolk Island, while bringing new visitors to share local talent and expertise through a range of venues that have partnered with Go Norfolk Island already.

“We are excited at the prospects this partnership will bring and we look forward to working with and promoting all the great talent, expertise and beauty within Norfolk Island.

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