Friday, September 30, 2011

is it all in the editing?

I know that there has to be some element of being a good photographer and trying to get the best or winning shot, one that can be blown up and placed on your wall to act as the best memory of a wonderful wedding day, but how much does editing come into it?

I have always given all the images to the bridal couple on a disc for them to edit and use however they wish, but lately had been editing a small handful of absolute favourite photos to show what a difference editing can make.
Either way, I still like taking wonderful photos that don't have to be edited, but can see the value in changing some elements to make the image really special.

See the examples below of some of my first edits of the above photo.

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5 star Norfolk Island weddings

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Ariane has perfected every little detail at their cliff top premises to make it one of the finest places to get married in style on Norfolk Island.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sarah & Scott

Married 15th July 2011 on their 4 year anniversary of being together.


At St. Barnabas chapel, Norfolk Island.

Photos at Puppy's point, 100 acre figs, lonepine Kingston.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Carly & Greg

Married~ Anson bay

Photos~ Anson bay reserve, Kingston historical area, convict built ruins and restored Georgian buildings, Queen Elizabeth lookout.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Steve and Elizabeth

Monday 24th January
Salthouse overlooking Emily bay

It was a last minute phone call by this lovely couple as they quickly organized their wedding before their girls 'went home'.

My main instructions were to take photos of everyone having a glass of champagne and a good time and to have some bubbles myself.

I couldn't resist grabbing the happy couple for 2 minutes to grab these shots in front of this amazing sunset backdrop, I haven't even got a chance to edit any photos yet, but had to share these.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Choose your wedding rings on the Island

You are spoiled for choice when choosing your wedding jewellery here on Norfolk Island as there are at least 9 shops here that sell quality Jewellery at Duty free prices.
We recommend
BJ's and Diamonds Exclusive
but there is also
Madison's and Duncan's jewellers.
and the following sell all sorts of exclusive wedding bands and jewellery
Casa Kui
Benjamin's (specialize in Pandora)
Duncan's Jewellers
Madisons Jewelers
The Italian shop (specialize in venetian glass jewellery)
The Scottish shop
Swiss house

Photo courtesy of Amanda Jo Jewellery with a twist

With such a strong world wide trend for people of all ages making their mark and telling their story with tattoo's, it is only natural that newlyweds  may like a permanent reminder of their commitment to each other.
 Norfolk Island not only has 2 tattoo artists offering this service but can boast having the original history of Tahitian tattoo in its...well, history.
Norfolk Island modern day occupants are descendants of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives.
Here is an article from Harvey McCoy who is one of the current tattoo artists on the island.
The other tattoo or 'tatau' artist is Tihoti  who is actually from Tahiti, you can see more of his work by clicking here
Whatever your choice, Norfolk Island has a lot to offer.

Wedding Flowers

Norfolk Island grows all of it's fresh produce on the Island, nothing is imported (except potatoes and onion).
The same is for fresh flowers grown on the Island.

Although there are some lovely rose gardens here and you will find a wonderful variety of subtropical blooms throughout the year, we are completely weather dependant to a good crop in larger numbers.

Your best bet to ensure your favourite flower is available is to look at the fantastic variety of silk or rubberized flower available in stores (as seen in both pictures above).

There are also some wonderful locals who produce some stunning flower arranging either with whatever is available fresh or with dried or woven (plaited) flowers.

Here are some examples from Ali Brown's website using flax that is grown here on the island.

Contact me here for more information of what is available locally on Norfolk Island. or Phone +6723 51862

Where can I have my Wedding Ceremony on Norfolk Island?

There is a French saying: "Love is the dawn of marriage, and marriage is the sunset of love."

- De Finod

We live on an Island here so there is unlimited views of mountains,oceans, beaches and bays, convict ruins and restored Georgian buildings, valleys, clifftops and waterfalls plus sunrises AND sunsets.

You chose your setting here with any backdrop for your special day.

Here are some popular choices for outdoor or marquee weddings;

Anson bay and puppy's point

Emily bay and the Salthouse
little beach
Cemetary bay
The pier (Kingston or Cascade)
Cockpit waterfall
Captain Cook's monument
Ball bay
100 acre wood

Mount Pitt

Palm Glen

Simons water (by kind permission of Mr Bernie Christian-Bailey)

Camelot gardens
Forrester Court

Indoor wedding choices include;

The parish centre
The N.I gun club at Anson bay
N.I golf club

Aurelia resort

Paradise hotel - used to be colonial hotel

Dino's at Bumboras

Hillcrest hotel
Norfolk Blue homestead

South pacific resort

Two Chimneys winery

Mokutu inn's Sublime lounge


Cafe Pacifica in Daa Nursery

By the bay, Bucks point

Or there are plenty of private homes and properties that the locals are happy to share with you.

There will need to be permission sought for the use of some areas to the Norfolk island administration or to The Norfolk Island National Parks and Wildlife, but being such a friendly Island, there won't be many reasons to refuse.

or if just a small number and you want something really different, why not try a scuba dive wedding under the water or the glass bottom boat in the middle of Emily bay.

If you need any extra information, I am happy to share.

Email me at or phone +6723 51862