Sunday, January 2, 2011

Choose your wedding rings on the Island

You are spoiled for choice when choosing your wedding jewellery here on Norfolk Island as there are at least 9 shops here that sell quality Jewellery at Duty free prices.
We recommend
BJ's and Diamonds Exclusive
but there is also
Madison's and Duncan's jewellers.
and the following sell all sorts of exclusive wedding bands and jewellery
Casa Kui
Benjamin's (specialize in Pandora)
Duncan's Jewellers
Madisons Jewelers
The Italian shop (specialize in venetian glass jewellery)
The Scottish shop
Swiss house

Photo courtesy of Amanda Jo Jewellery with a twist

With such a strong world wide trend for people of all ages making their mark and telling their story with tattoo's, it is only natural that newlyweds  may like a permanent reminder of their commitment to each other.
 Norfolk Island not only has 2 tattoo artists offering this service but can boast having the original history of Tahitian tattoo in its...well, history.
Norfolk Island modern day occupants are descendants of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives.
Here is an article from Harvey McCoy who is one of the current tattoo artists on the island.
The other tattoo or 'tatau' artist is Tihoti  who is actually from Tahiti, you can see more of his work by clicking here
Whatever your choice, Norfolk Island has a lot to offer.

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